Tots Units Fem Forca

The Camp Nou, FC Barcelona's stadium.

Victor Valdes, Barca's goalkeeper, warms up before the match against Malaga. Barca won 6-0. Barca could have won 8-0 or even 10-0 with a little luck -- the Malaga goalkeeper made some fine saves during the first 30 minutes, Lionel Messi (who scored a ridiculous goal) missed one or two really easy chances, Xavi and Andres Iniesta (who sliced through the Malaga central defense like hot knives through butter) left early with injuries, and the Barca defense softened up a bit and started allowing Malaga to control the ball for the last 30 minutes of the game or so. This was a once-every-five-years performance.

Messi takes a corner kick.


mark.r said...


Also, number 14 is a whiner.

Andrew L said...

It's somewhat interesting to compare how positional professional soccer is vs youngsters playing the game. Even when my current roommates play video game soccer, one can see them always running after the ball, but over time they learned to pass it.
Enjoy Spain.