Barcelona es meva

Barcelona's official motto is "Barcelona es teva", which means "Barcelona is yours" in Catalan. The title above is supposed to mean "Barcelona is mine", but is likely an incorrect translation.

El Gran Casino de Barcelona.

The poker room. They had one 5-10 PLO game and three 2-5 NLHE games running. The NLHE table I sat at was quite profitable, despite the enormous rake (something like 5% uncapped). Unfortunately I have to get up early, so I only played for an hour and a half or so.

La Placa de Catalunya, a stone's throw from the hotel.


Unknown Blogger said...

do they speak english or spanish at the tables?

do you speak any spanish?

Edward Lee said...

The dealers all understand English, Spanish and Catalan. No language rules are in effect -- one night I sat at a table with four guys who spoke in Danish (as well as English and some Spanish). It might be bothersome if you're sensitive about collusion, but other than that the language barrier shouldn't pose any problems.

I speak enough Spanish to get by as a tourist, and that's about it. At the table I declared my bet sizes in English and Spanish, but didn't speak any Spanish otherwise.