My content. Not yours

Facebook users probably are familiar with the whole kerfluffle surrounding the company's attempt to update its terms of use. For whatever reasons, they decided that they wanted to retain legal rights over all content posted on their site, then were forced to back down.

Recently, I noticed that FB's notes-importing utility (which I use with this blog) stopped including external links to the original source; surely this was related to FB's desire to own all content on its site. Pretty lame. Some other annoyed FB bloggers slapped together a kludge using Yahoo Pipes that more or less does what I want. It's kind of inelegant, but it's the best solution I can find.

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Andrew L said...

It's sad that they tried that, but not that surprising. At least there was sufficient outcry that the backed down for now.

While the Facebook problem was a question of ownership, a recent book "The Crime of Reason and the Closing of the Scientific Mind" by Robert Laughlin discusses some of the secrecy aspects with respect to people claiming trade secret, etc. It's a quick read.