Retarded scorekeepers

During Thursday's UCLA-Western Kentucky game, Kevin Love threw a pass the length of the court to Russell Westbrook, who took a dribble and naturally blew the layup, leaving James Keefe to clean up the garbage to make the score 48-30. Of course I heckled Westbrook loudly for costing Love an assist. One of my friends then claimed that it wouldn't have counted as an assist since Westbrook took a dribble.

I did some research, and apparently some scorekeepers do use the rule that any dribble by the scorer negates any assist, as shown in Love's zero-assist box score line from the game below:

Naturally, these are probably the same scorekeepers who had all of America thinking that Greg Paulus was an elite point guard because his passing allowed JJ Redick to drain threes with guys in his face 5.2 times a game in 2006.

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