The pie shall be cut in two, and each man shall receive...death. I'll eat the pie

Two kids from Honolulu come out to watch Spiceman and the Seven Dwarves LA Galaxy in an exhibition match. After the game, David Beckham notices the kids (who apparently are best friends) holding up signs, and gives his shirt to one of them; it's not clear who he meant to give it to.

Parents of kid #1 suggest that they share the jersey. Parents of kid #2 agree.

The next night, parents of kid #2 magically produce another Beckham shirt with an unrecognizable Sharpie mark on it which they claim is Beckham's signature and try to pass it off on kid #1, then decide that kid #2 is going to keep the original shirt. Lawsuits ensue.

Who says American soccer is boring?

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Scott the Hobo said...

I don't say American soccer is boring. All association football is boring.