Eight-year-old girl from Ohio smarter than millions of Floridians

From Fark:

'Hurricane' Girl Tries to Ride to Ohio

DELAND, Fla. (AP) - An 8-year-old girl who recently moved to Florida caused a panic when she tried to ride back home to Ohio on her bicycle out of fear of hurricanes. A sheriff's helicopter, search dogs and neighbors found the girl after an hour-long search Wednesday night.

"It is amusing but at the same time sad," DeLand police Deputy Chief Randel Henderson said.

According to a police report, Heather Snoke told investigators "that she was headed back to Columbus Ohio, because she was afraid of hurricanes and that was her home."

Heather was riding her bicycle in front of her home Wednesday, mother Melissa Snoke, 37, told police. Twenty minutes later, the girl's father, John Snoke, 41, came home and noticed Heather was gone.

While the mother called police, John Snoke drove around the neighborhood looking for his daughter but did not find her.

DeLand police arrived and began a search, aided by tracking dogs and a Volusia County sheriff's helicopter. A homeless camp also was searched.

No charges are pending, Henderson said. "There was no abuse. There was no neglect. It's a happy story. We're just so excited we were able to find this little lady."

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