Slightly less failure

Had my second ultimate frisbee match of the season tonight. I went running a few times in the 10 days in between, and as a result I played more points tonight at higher intensity than I did during the first game. I never thought I'd reach the point where I had to do conditioning work to stay in shape for rec league ultimate, but oh well.

I picked up an outstanding phantom D a few points into the game -- we were forcing straight-up up to midfield, I face-guarded my guy and the thrower put up a bladey throw to him going deep. I closed in, swiped at the disc (probably a good thing, as I very well might have macked it straight up into the air), and watched the guy pancake it so hard it flipped out of his hands.

Offensively, I was more productive than last time -- had a nice endzone give-and-go combo for a score, and roasted a guy going deep. Unfortunately, I got served a low, hard forehand bullet on the deep cut instead of the high, curving throw I expected. I had the chance to make a sick dive that would have landed a foot short of the disc and given me an itchy rash for a week, but wisely declined the bid. I have no idea what sorts of plant life or fungi live on those fields, but apparently they're pretty vicious.

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