Had my first game of this year's LA ultimate summer men's league tonight. After pretty much not touching a disc and not getting a whole lot of aerobic or anaerobic exercise for the last 10 months, I made it my goal not to get injured tonight, and couldn't even pull that off -- on the penultimate point of the game, I sprinted deep on defense to help out on a long throw and got clipped in the ankle. (For the results-oriented among you, the guy who hit me was slowed up enough to not make the catch, but it's unlikely he would have gotten it anyway. And we turned it over on the ensuing possession and allowed them to score.)

Fortunately, it has 10 days to swell up and swell back down before the next game.


Scott the Hobo said...

Ultimate is a wussy sport. Real men play non-checking beginner league hockey.

Phil said...

Holla to Scott the Hobo's comment!

You're tough, Eddie. I'm sure you won't need to be on the DL. Plus I'm sure you'll get back into the groove the next game!