Peter Jackson cut from production of The Hobbit

Oh well. Hope he can recover the $100 million that New Line Cinema supposedly owes him.

I thought Jackson did an excellent job of making LOTR feel like an epic. The scenery and score were outstanding. The dialogue was overdramatized at times (Samwise Gamgee in particular needed either to switch to decaf or to smoke more Longbottom leaf). However, Jackson did manage to work in most of the great quotes from the book (even if he rearranged some of them).

As for the modifications he made to the plot, well...

- The emphasis on Aragorn and Arwen's relationship was unnecessary. Besides, everyone knows that Eowyn was way cuter and way more important to the plot.

- Merry tricking Treebeard into walking towards Isengard and seeing the destruction of the Old Forest firsthand, when in the book the Ents had already decided to rise up against Saruman...ugh.

- Having Frodo dismiss Sam over the missing lembas...grr.

- In ROTK, it is never really explained why Denethor has gone mad (because he has seen Aragorn in the Palantir and knows that the true King has returned).

- Leaving out the Scouring of the Shire...I know everyone's butts are going numb at that point in the film, but it's kind of important.

"The Hobbit" is mainly an adventure tale, fairly low on characterization and doesn't particularly need Jackson's imagination to be brought to life; any half-decent director should be able to turn it into a box-office smash. That being said, I think the results would be quite hilarious if, say, John Woo were to direct the movie.

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