A bunch of clowns somewhere have declared that LA has the nation's best mass transit system. If you live in the approximately 10% of the area that is close to a bus or train line, I guess it's okay. Otherwise, your typical trip consists of a 10 minute walk, two 30-45 minute rides and a 15-30 minute stopover in between the two rides.

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Andrew L said...

My understanding of the LA transit system is that in the 1930s it was the best in the world. Then the light rail was ripped out, the city sprawled, and it became the nonsense it is today.

If you judge a mass transit system by the proportion of time people use it versus their cars, I think that New York, Boston, Portland, San Franscisco, and Chicago all have much better transit systems. I know or have met people living in each of those towns who are happy to live without a car. I doubt that the same is true in LA.