Lousy international governing bodies

The International Astronomical Union has decided that the asteroid Ceres, the recently discovered rock Xena, and Pluto's moon Charon are now planets. This ensures a huge profit for publishers of science texts over the next couple years and many more headaches for helpless fourth-grade kids. WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN????


Andrew said...

I think that demoting Pluto would have been the most reasonable. With that said, inclusiveness is the politically corrct trend, so we are left with the mess.

As for textbook trends, if they update the textbooks today, we might have 12 planets, but all created 5,000 years ago :(.

jackdeuce said...

michael brown argued for an inclusive philosophy so that children could aspire to discover new planets also.

that said, i am not going to bother committing the new planets to memory. call me old-fashioned.