Sincerest form of flattery

Thanks to the magic of Technorati, I have just discovered that a bot has plagiarized one of my recent entries.

My only real recourse is to purchase insurance for my new car from someone other than State Farm.


Scott the Hobo said...

Wow, they even plagiarized your grammatical error.

And thank you to the bot for revealing what your new nickname around UCLA is. Do all of your students call you Cookie?

Edward Lee said...

Only the bots.

The students around here call me "Professor". As an insignificant peon residing in the state of California, you are welcome to do so as well.

jackdeuce said...

the real question is whether cookie lee will be permitted to remain at harvard.

by the way, i recently saw james woods walking around the commerce casino poker room. he is a regular.

jackdeuce said...

next time i go up, i should show him my MIT class ring and point out that i graduated while he dropped out. then i will checkraise him huge and bluff him out of a pot.