Another thing about soccer

I hate it when people (usually uppity fans from Europe who sneer at us ignorant Americans) insist that "football" is the proper name for the sport where you try to guide a round ball into a goal without using your hands.

"Association football" is the proper name of the sport, and "football" and "soccer" are both contractions of the term. However, "football" can also mean American football, Australian football, Canadian football, rugby football (of which there are actually two variants), or Gaelic football as well, depending on locale and context.


jackdeuce said...

i read this blog entry, then talked to my friend, an avid soccer player.

me: "dude, you don't play football. you play association football."

him: "how would you like my association foot up your ass?"

Andrew said...

The article is a good find. The issue is further confused by wither one is speaking english or spanish. My guess is that much of the pick-up soccer around town is in spanish, thus is probably refered to as 'football'. It's possible that spanish speakers from New Mexico use the term soccer though...