Nuestro Himno

I don't object to the national anthem being sung in Spanish, but I do object to its rendition as an awful piece of schmaltzy soft-rock.

And while we're talking about the national anthem -- if it really was cribbed from a British drinking song, then I guess commoners back in those days had much more limber voices than people today. Also, is there some reason we can't sing it in G instead of B-flat? Hitting the high F at the end of "rocket's red glare" is really hard for a lot of men.

I wouldn't object to "God Bless America" being the national anthem, if Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan (TM) and the Yankees hadn't completely ruined it for me. A lot of people would probably object to its theistic view as well (stronger than the Deist beliefs that form the foundation of the Declaration of Independence).

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