Baby you can drive my cow and maybe I'll love you



Scott the Hobo said...

When I was getting my North Carolina driver's license, I was watching some Indian guy take the computer test. The NC DMV abandoned all discretion and had the room set up so anybody could see the screens of the test takers. I forget exactly what the question was, but I remember that one of the answers he selected on the multiple choice test was "Cows always have right of way." That was incorrect, and he ended up failing the test. That still cracks me up.

jackdeuce said...

"Cows always have right of way."

ahahahaha, how culturally insensitive, that test must be designed to flunk Indians.

Andrew L said...

If you have ever seen a cow on the road, you would know that it gets the right of way whether or not is specified in the law. Thus the Indian was right, but it is a funny story none-the-less.