Baile Atha Cliath

The Edge and Adam Clayton groovin' during a performance of "Gloria".

Without a doubt, the highlight of the evening was Bono forgetting the last verse to "With Or Without You". After "and you give yourself away", Bono went back into "with or without you", skipping the "my hands are tied" verse. Edge gave Bono a very confused look as it happened.


And there was much rejoicing

Shavlik Randolph is indeed applying for the NBA draft. Mike Krzyzewski must have opened up a case of champagne at home when he heard the news.


Derek Jeter's first MLB grand slam

He now has one home run in 136 bases-loaded plate appearances, compared with 158 career home runs in 5775 career at-bats (1 per 36.6 at-bats).

Yeah, yeah, Jeter's not the kind of player who's going to try to yank the ball out of the park when a solid line drive or deep fly ball will do. Still, I find it amusing that Nomar Garciaparra and Bill Mueller both have hit more grand slams in one game than Jeter has hit in his career.


Massachusetts is the smartest state in the union, again

Although as Eugene Volokh, Wizbang and others point out, once you look at the actual data that goes into the study, the rankings look more like a ranking of "the teachers' unions' favorite states".

Forehand grips

After following a couple discussions on how to throw forehands, I tried out the two-finger grip (index and middle fingers up against the rim) at a summer league game tonight. (I usually use the one-and-a-half grip, with the middle finger up against the rim and the index finger in the corner.)

It takes a little bit of adjustment -- I needed to tilt my wrist up a bit to prevent the disc from flying inside-out, and I consciously had to switch from the one-and-a-half to the two-finger grip a couple times when I caught a pass and looked upfield, but I'm definitely a believer. The transfer of power from the body down the arm and wrist into the disc is so much smoother.


Graduation ramblings

Two-thirds of the inhabitants of my freshman year room now have Ph.D's from Harvard.

It's really weird flipping through the list of graduates and seeing the names of former students, guys who came out for the Ultimate Frisbee team in the fall three years ago and disappeared, MIT college alumni, and others.

Two guys from the Ultimate Frisbee team graduated summa cum laude, severely compromising the team's hard-earned reputation as a bunch of slackers.

I haven't looked through all the titles, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had the shortest dissertation title of any of this year's doctorates.

Apparently Sasha Volokh, formerly of The Volokh Conspiracy, graduated this year as well.

Supposedly John Lithgow was an entertaining Commencement speaker, but there's still something rather odd about having the guy from "3rd Rock From The Sun" speak at your graduation.

The salutatory speaker this year delivered a Red Sox-themed address (in Latin, of course). She gesticulated wildly while praising the heroics of "Giannium Damon" and "Curtium Nummi". I wanted to start a "Yankees Suck!" cheer, but thought better of it.


Dog days of summer

The only reason I'm in my office on this Saturday night is because it has air conditioning.


ESPN ends endorsement of coaches' college football poll

Following the AP's lead, ESPN has decided to wash its hands of the coaches' poll and the BCS rankings.

Loyal Michigan fans will remember back in 1997 that somebody leaked Joe Paterno's secret ballot the week after Michigan had trounced Penn State. Paterno, or whoever filled out his ballot for him, had ranked Florida State #1 and Michigan #2. Fans will also remember that somebody voted Michigan #4 in the year-end poll. Cowardly.

I never understood any of the arguments against a playoff. Money? Wouldn't one, two, three, or four playoff games bring in a whole lot of cash for the participating teams? The other bowl games can go on existing if they really like, but I don't see why they should, with or without a playoff -- few of them make much money for the organizers. And the payout for the participating teams isn't great either.

If the weaker teams really needed the cash, the NCAA could just implement some revenue-sharing scheme for the playoff, just as conferences do with their partner bowls under the current system. And if the non-playoff teams really miss that extra game, nothing is stopping them from organizing an extra game on their own.

Time? It's not as if I-A teams completely stop all football-related activity in December, right? Besides, don't Division I-AA, II and III teams manage to keep playing when final exams are coming up?

Either I-A needs to adopt a bigger playoff system, or drop all pretense about the 2-team playoff BCS crowning a "national champion".


Yale grades portray John Kerry as a lackluster student

Apparently John Kerry wasn't that much better a student than George Bush was at Yale.

More to the point -- who really cares what Kerry's or Bush's college grades were? I mean, if I visited Earth from outer space, I'd think kind of funny that a person in his 50's is being evaluated on what he did between the ages of 18 and 22.



Left-handed One Out GuY. Funniest acronym ever.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to note that Mike Myers is tied for fourth on the Red Sox roster with three wins. He's behind Matt Clement (6), Tim Wakefield and Brandon Arroyo (4), and tied with Keith Foulke and David Wells. And really, Foulke shouldn't count because all three of his wins came when the Sox bailed him out after he blew a save.

Myers also has the lowest ERA (1.46) of any Sox pitcher who has pitched more than 1.1 innings.


Back to the Crusades

This is slightly old news, but about a week or two ago, the sign outside the Danieltown Baptist Church in Forest City, NC read "The Koran needs to be flushed".

Sure, as a Christian I disagree with the Koran's essential teachings -- at its core, it seems to espouse a salvation that comes through works. But I'd really like to know exactly what positive things the pastor thought would come out of using the church to publicly mock the Islamic logos.

(HT: Frank Kim)



Suckwagon, Harvard's Ultimate Frisbee summer league team, opened the season with a victory for the first time ever, 14-7 over Skoosh.

One of our players threw three hammers for turnovers, giving me an opportunity to pull out a classic line: "Before you throw that crosswind hammer, first pull out your driver's license. If it doesn't say 'Will Chen' on it, don't throw it."

I like hammers, and I have been known to throw them sometimes. I just think it's really easy for players to underestimate the margin of error on a hammer when there's a significant amount of wind.