The sabermetric revolution is coming to public schools 

LA Times and some guy at the Rand Corporation: Some elementary school teachers in the LAUSD are much more effective than others (as measured by performance on standardized tests), and that distribution doesn't correlate particularly well with the prestige of the school, seniority beyond ~3 years, additional degrees and training, or a bunch of other factors that people usually think are important.

Head of LAUSD teachers' union: LOL Rand Corp. are a bunch of idiots, the study is flawed because of (insert super-obvious criticism here), we're boycotting the LA Times.



P != NP 

So some guy at HP who appears to have a pretty good reputation has claimed to prove that P != NP. Not only am I relieved that I don't have to stop transmitting sensitive data on the Internet, I also get to post this screencap from an episode of Futurama which aired in 2000.

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