Random photos from Cork, Ireland 

A video poker machine (real money) in a tiny little Middle Eastern restaurant.

Fulltiltpoker.com (not Fulltiltpoker.net) advertisement on TV.

Potatoes are serious business here, although I would guess that that bag contains about a kilogram of dirt.

This is what a sportsbook looks like in Ireland (and UK also). Inside you'll find a couple guys taking wagers and a bunch of TV screens, but no cocktails or cocktail waitresses. Lame.

Various photos of my new apartment in Cork (taken shortly after I moved in).

Not only does this shirt get the mascot of Oregon wrong, it also somehow manages to use Oregon State colors. Epic fail.

A few photos of the English Market in Cork city centre.

Stacking 8-high in overseas shipping is good. In Omaha hi-lo, it's so-so. In Hold 'Em, it's terrible.

Anybody still looking for a Wii? Given the exchange rate and shipping costs, it'd cost about $400 USD total.



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