Further proof that Kevin Love is awesome 



So, in Group A of the Euro 2008 soccer tournament, Portugal currently sit in the catbird seat with 6 points. Czech Republic and Turkey are tied with 3 points, and Switzerland are in the basement with 0 points (2 losses).

The last round of games feature Portugal v. Switzerland and Czech Republic v. Turkey. Top two teams in the group advance to the playoffs.

There is no provision for extra time/penalty shootouts in group play, so if Czech Republic and Turkey play to a draw, they'll finish tied for 2nd place in the standings. Fortunately, UEFA/FIFA have a tiebreaker procedure in place. In order, the criteria are:

Well, Czech Republic and Turkey both have scored 2 goals and allowed 3. If they tie their last game, they'll be tied all the way down to the "fair play conduct" score. If by some act of God that score is tied, then they flip a coin.

UEFA and FIFA could probably learn a thing or two about organizing tournaments from the Ultimate Players' Association. I'm thinking 11-man ro-sham-bo between the teams on the pitch to settle the score.

EDIT: According to section 7.08 of the UEFA manual, if it's just a heads-up tie, penalty kicks are used. This is several orders of magnitude worse than a 11-man rosham.


On the button 

See, the thing is that going last in the bidding round is supposed to be an advantage.


Suck it MLB 

The Supreme Court has refused to hear Major League Baseball's appeal of a lower court decision that baseball statistics can be used freely without their permission.

Not sure why MLB wanted to kill off a fantasy-sports industry that has probably increased interest in their product significantly over the last decade or so, but that's Bud Selig for you.


When you get to the end zone, act like you've been there before 

I guess this fella has never been chip leader in a MTT before.

FWIW, the guy is a regional manager for Domino's Pizza and is the son of a US Congressman.

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