Alberto Gilardino plays inline hockey in Los Angeles 

That's right, the AC Milan striker (pictured above) apparently plays inline hockey in Los Angeles on his off days.

Tonight, when our team led 1-0 with 3:00 to go, he camped out in front of our goal. While I was in the process of lifting his stick, he held my stick with both arms and fell down much in the manner shown above. I hardly need to mention that they scored on the ensuing power play and again afterward.

As he was leaving the rink, I yelled out to the referee, "Hey ref, which sports book do you like best? I think I prefer Caesars Palace." Well, actually I didn't, but I wish I had.



I would've given the guy a couple of punches for good measure. And that's why I don't really play hockey anymore...

Oh and btw, after watching that video...

I noticed the other team is Celtic. I think I like their rival Rangers more. And no, it's not because Gordon Ramsay was going to play for the latter... :-P

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