Well, we just blew billions of dollars on subprime mortgage-backed securities. What are you doing with your money? 

Oh, cruel irony.


The Writers' Guild of America can go have relations with themselves 

I don't take sides on business disputes about which I know nothing, but the Writers' Guild of America were the primary reason that traffic on Pico Blvd. westbound was clogged up this morning.

Well, actually, they were the secondary reason (the primary reason being the scores of dumbass drivers who had to stop and hold off traffic in order to stare and honk), but you get the idea.


You chose to end the nonresponsive program, iTunes 

It always sucks when an application hangs or crashes during an important stage of a project.



In case anyone was wondering how to pronounce Junior Seau's last name, his ESPN stat page explains how:

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