Moby Quotient 

Some mathematician in England recently came up with an unnecessarily clunky and inelegant formula to determine how big a sellout a particular piece of music is. Well, I guess nowadays artists gotta make money apart from album sales.

I'm far too lazy to implement this formula in full detail, but here are a few estimates I would make:

The Beatles, "Revolution" and "Instant Karma (Nike): 60. These lose points because the Beatles didn't own the rights to their catalog at the time.

The Caesars, "Jerk It Out" (iPod): 90. Did anybody care about this band apart from the original iPod commercial?

U2, "City of Blinding Lights" and "I Will Follow" (2006 World Cup): 5. I kind of liked these ads, especially the one about the Scottish national team fans.

John Mellencamp, "Our Country" (Chevrolet): 100000000000. This one picks up a huge multiplier factor because of the use of pictures of Rosa Parks and the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

Five for Fighting, "100 years" (Chase): 30. Loses points because nobody cares about Five for Fighting.

The Cure, "Pictures of You" (HP): 70. I don't care if a song like "Friday I'm In Love" gets used in an ad, but "Pictures of You" is one of the sacred songs in The Cure's oeuvre.

The Cars, "Just What I Needed" (Circuit City): 20. Similar to "100 Years", but this song is older.


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