LA drivers are the most incompetent drivers in the known universe 

Two weeks ago, while driving on Pico Blvd., I got rear-ended by a minivan going about 20-25 mph whose driver didn't seem to even hit her brakes before hitting me.

Yesterday, I saw a car on Pico attempt to zoom through a yellow light at about 10 mph, then stop after crossing the crosswalk. The FedEx truck behind it slammed on its brakes. The car behind the FedEx truck plowed right into it, again seemingly without braking.

About fifteen minutes ago, my brother got rear-ended on I-10.

Until now, I've never been in a city where every vehicle on the road is a safety hazard, but LA definitely qualifies. Boston drivers get a bad rap, but at least there's a method to their madness -- they're usually trying to get somewhere without getting tied up in some crazy five-way intersection. LA drivers' incompetence is the most dangerous of all -- it's the sort of incompetence that arises when drivers are completely oblivious to their surroundings.


Sorry to hear about that, I hope that everyone is OK.

I was up in Boston recently and concur that the driving, while not adhering to the traffic laws, demonstrates considerable control of the vehicle and awareness of the surroundings.

Sounds like you're okay...I hope.

As an aside, when I drafted Denver as my defense for fantasy football, I thought one that Simpsons episode when Scopio bought Homer the Denver Broncos...much to the latter's chagrin.

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