Movie review: The Simpsons 

Meh. It was funny, but there are a large number of gags that were previously used in cartoon episodes. I guess that's what happens when the movie sits in the pipeline for 10 years. A bunch of jokes were so predictable, I even predicted them. And as far as plot and character development go, the Simpsons have already been through every crisis imaginable during the run of the cartoon series -- family problems, environmental pollution, Springfield's impending destruction, and so forth.

The movie is definitely worth watching, but if you're a die-hard fan of the cartoon there'll be very little there to surprise you except for hardcore nudity.


I hadn't seen the TV cartoon in about five years or so, so I found it really funny.

Perhaps I wasn't paying as much attention, but it seems that many of the jokes or gags didn't involve much joke setup.

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