Nobody wants to hear bad beat stories 

No-limit hold'em at the Commerce, $3-5 blinds, 9 handed. I'm sitting in the 1 seat, just to the dealer's left. The entire right side of the table is populated with maniacs, who have been playing and raising complete trash preflop and betting/calling large with weak draws, second pair, etc. On my left is Über-nit, who has been playing only premium hands (even limping KK once) and bitching when they get cracked most of the time.

For this hand, I'm under the gun with $150 behind, and the maniacs are on the button and in the blinds. I get dealt pocket aces. As is customary, I have folded my first 25 non-blind hands because I've been getting dealt complete trash, and everyone has verbally indicated that they have noticed this. Obviously no one is going to give me action if I raise UTG, so I limp, hoping to trap the maniacs behind me in a huge pot. Über-nit limps, as do a middle position player and the maniacs on the button and in the small blind.

Five players to the flop, and no raise. This is a moderate disaster for AA, but at least I can get away from the hand relatively cheaply if I start getting some heat.

Flop comes Q54. I fire $20, Über-nit calls, everyone else folds. Über-nit has me covered, and I have one pair out of position against him. Reverse implied odds are a bitch. Not good times. Bad times.

Turn is a 8. I check, he bets $40. Okay, with only $125 behind, it's pretty much stack time -- either raise all-in if I think he might be pumping top pair, or fold. He knows I'm a very tight player, and I know he's a tight player as well. By betting into a field of 5 players on the flop, I have strongly suggested that I have a strong top pair or better, and he is unimpressed. I can't convince myself that he's pumping top pair or KK here -- I think it's more likely he has a set. I reluctantly fold.

Über-nit turns over pocket queens, top set.

I'm not sure whether bad beat stories or monster laydown stories are worse. Certainly from someone like Phil Hellmuth, they're both pretty unbearable.


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