Inside enemy territory II: The Chargers still suck 

Went down to San Diego to watch the Red Sox play the Padres on Saturday. The highlight of the game was watching Terry Francona get tossed from the game after the same third-base umpire blew two calls and had them overturned after the rest of the umpires convened (Manny Ramirez catch -> single, Josh Bard foul ball off the LF pole -> home run). After a team gets two big calls turned agaisnt them, it is pretty much mandatory for the manager to get himself ejected, and Tito did a fine job sticking up for his team.

I am kind of surprised that the Manny "catch" was ruled a hit -- umpires usually don't turn outs on the field of play into hits. Because the ball is still live, it cannot automatically be assumed that the hitter would have remained on first safely (as opposed to getting thrown out at second or something like that).

Also, Padres pitcher Chris Young struck out about 45 or so Red Sox hitters en route to a 6-1 victory.

The announced attendance was 44,457, which according to this box score is approximately 104.6% of Petco Park's official capacity and supposedly a new record. However, by my reckoning only about 93% or so of the seats were actually full, and about 35-40% of the fans in attendance were Red Sox fans. Especially amusing was the top of the 9th inning, after the Sox finally put a run on the board. The Sox fans erupted and the Padres fans clammed up with the potential tying run only four batters away. As Doug Mirabelli walked up to the plate, the Padres fan behind me said "please, no two-run homer".

I guess I understand why people hate Red Sox and Patriots fans so much -- it must be really uncomfortable for the fans of a small-town team like San Diego to be completely overmatched by the visiting team's fans.


Patriots fans are obnoxious, but most people just feel sorry for Red Sox fans.

Eagles fans are way more obnoxious...

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