Kevin Youkilis for president 

Despite being fifth in the American League in OPS (ahead of guys like Justin Morneau and Mark Teixeira), Boston Red Sox 1B Kevin Youkilis is not on the MLB All-Star ballot this year. Apparently only one player per position per team gets to be on the ballot. Since the All-Star Game is being played in San Francisco, a NL city, there will be no DH. As a result, MLB put some guy named David Ortiz on the ballot instead of Youkilis.

Fortunately, write-in candidates are accepted, so vote for Youkilis. Vote early and vote often.

Sometime last year, comedian Denis Leary appeared in the NESN booth during a Red Sox game, as you can see in the video below. Despite his Greek-sounding last name, Youkilis is actually of Romanian descent and is Jewish. For some reason, Denis Leary got very excited about this fact. (That, plus he was probably piss-drunk at the time.) The big loser, of course, is Mel Gibson.


I remember seeing this game...Lenny Clarke is pretty funny

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