Worst Super Bowl EVAR 

Ugh. Not only do the Colts win, but I miss out on $300. Also, the game itself wasn't very well played at all.

The only bit of actual insight I can offer is this: it became obvious during the second half that Bears coach Lovie Smith had zero faith in Rex Grossman's ability to throw the ball downfield. If that's the case, and you need to mount a comeback, why keep him in at all? Why not put in Brian Griese or Kyle Orton?

Every columnist I've read so far says that the Bears defense is mostly to blame for the loss, but I completely disagree. Holding the Colts to 22 points is pretty good for any defense. If Chicago had been able to mount an actual offensive drive here and there, the defense could have rested. Instead, the Colts were able to keep the ball for 38 minutes, and the Bears defense eventually wore down as the game went on.


....do you have stairs in your house...?

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