Latest salvo in the War on Internet Gambling 

Link here.

Can't wait to see the TV ads declare "if you play poker online, you're helping the terrorists."

I'm voting straight-ticket Libertarian in 2008. Seriously.


If the government decides to stop all the legit companies from handling these transactions, then I bet terrorist black-markets will emerge and the gambling addicts will just go to them...

This is just like the war on drugs. People will do drugs either way (sad, but true). Why not buy drugs from Uncle Sam instead of Snoopy-dog?

But this is what I think... Perhaps the government does make some money from the war on drugs and gambling. Perhaps when the government disestablishes a "cell" and takes all their money, there is a net profit for the government? Maybe? Otherwise, why are they in our fucking business?

I understand dismantling terrorist cells, but what about all these victim-less crimes (like smoking weed and playing poker online)?

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