Bah humbug 

Apparently the three Duke lacrosse players who allegedly raped a stripper sexually assaulted a stripper were in the same general vicinity as a stripper (except for the guy who was using an ATM at a bank) last spring are being allowed to return to school.

If I were them, I'd have transferred to UNC or Johns Hopkins and mailed the Duke president a horse's head and a dozen black roses a long time ago.


I'd be nervous about returning to Duke if I were them. As meritless as the case has turned out to be, there will still be residents of Durham who harbor resentment towards Duke students and especially these guys. If they go back, they should probably stay away from downtown Durham for a while.

The best reason to return to Durham would be laugh at Nifong the asshat during his trial. I look forward to seeing him get what's coming to him.

On a moderately brighter note, at least the proscutor is being investigated by the state bar for his conduct.

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