Down with homework 

A bunch of experts with some sorts of credentials argue that homework is a waste of time for elementary school kids.

I think I agree with them. The quirky private school that I attended when I was a kid didn't assign much homework when I was a kid. Even when it did, I blew it off, choosing instead to spend my time reading, playing baseball in the backyard or playing video games. (Occasionally my parents made me practice my piano-playing as well.)

I think I turned out okay, if you discount my current addictions to televised sports and gambling.


not everyone is a genius like you!

Hopefully the studies will provide additional justification for doing away with homework in most of elementry school. Just having a seven year old pay attention part of the day is all that can be expected.

With that said, it seems that often people will make requirements not due to the rational effect, but due to the perceived result. For example, some places want really long hours for technical work like programming. This is counter productive, but the toughness mentiality is there. So I don't know if anything will change anytime soon.

Overall, I would say that the testing initives like "Many Childern Left Behind" are also unproductive. Having attended inner-city schools, people have a pretty good idea which schools are good and which aren't, so there is no need to spend so much time testing students.

Haha, I liked some of the "identifications of a gifted child" traits, like "Large vocabulary, loves 'big' words"

So that's how you became an opposite field hittahh...

yes! they should eliminate homework in college too. especially those hard homework problems you assign :(
jk! :D

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