When will the PC era finally die? 

There's a really long thread on the usage of politically correct terms over at the Volokh Conspiracy.

I find it really embarrassing when people of East Asian descent object to the use of the term "Oriental" when describing a person. If I recall correctly, the basic reason "Oriental" is considered offensive is basically because this bozo said so. Now given that "Oriental" was in fairly common usage up to, say, around 10 years ago, it seems rather insulting to imply that people who use the term today are subconsciously racist.

However, suppose for the moment that one accepts Said's argument that "Oriental" inherently means "the West is superior to the East". Even if this is the case, the term "Asian" doesn't solve the problem, as the term "Asia" is also thought to mean "from the East".

The lifespan of PC terms seems to be around 20-40 years (e.g. "handicapped"-"disabled"-"differently abled", or "Negro"-"African-American"-"black"). Maybe in 20 years "yellow" will become the preferred term. Who knows.


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