Michigan Stadium is widely recognized as one of the least intimidating large stadiums in the US. Part of it is due to the design of the stadium -- the seating is very flat and shallow, allowing most of the noise that the crowd makes to escape. Part of it is also that Michigan alums are all wealthier and better-behaved than their counterparts at Ohio State, Tennessee, Florida, Florida State, LSU and other places.

Now, it appears that Michigan is going to add luxury boxes to its stadium. Le sigh.


Are you implying that Tom Brady is wealthier and better behaved than Maurice Clarett?

He's also much better-looking, even with the awful haircut and the hideous cleft in his chin.

Oh, I forgot. Nowadays the hideous cleft in his chin is obscured by a hideous beard that extends halfway down his neck.

As you guys are probably aware of, Ohio State did a similar thing 5-8 years ago. Prior to that, Ohio state didn't have any luxary boxes. They spent a similar figure and added 10k seats, luxuary boxes, and ripped out the track. Many people view it as a project to benifit the rich. Specifically, it was so expensive that despite selling out every game with a highly rated team, Ohio State barely came out in the black.

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