Daft sports rules 

Apparently in Little League, every player on a team has to play 3 consecutive defensive outs and get one at-bat. If that doesn't happen, the team forfeits the game

Of course, what happens is that in a Little League World Series semifinal game, Vermont goes up 9-7 against New Hampshire in the bottom of the penultimate (fifth) inning but still has one player who hasn't entered the game.

New Hampshire gets a run back in the top of the sixth, but then Vermont figures out that they need to give up another run in order to give their last player an at-bat in the bottom of the inning. So the Vermont pitcher starts throwing the ball in the dirt, to the backstop, etc. However, the next three New Hampshire batters strike out intentionally in order to end the game and force Vermont to forfeit.

This is even worse than the soccer game between Barbados and Grenada. I wonder what happens if the Vermont pitcher simply refuses to pitch, thus preventing them from recording any outs?


If a batter is hit by a pitch, is that an automatic walk? It would have been fun to see some Little League dodgeball.

Yes. I am not sure if it is within a Little League umpire's authority to declare a team forfeit if it intentionally beans four batters in a row.

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