Greetings from Banff, Alberta 

Right now I'm in Canada for a math conference.

Banff appears to be basically a swanky resort town nestled in an absolutely fabulous area of the Canadian Rockies. They have a bunch of hotels and other conference facilities here. Right now it's 9:43 PM local time and the sun is still up. I love northerly places that sit on the western edge of a time zone. The only setback so far is that the rooms here have Sun workstations instead of TVs.

Speaking of the Suns, I just watched them fall valiantly to the Dallas Mavericks tonight. I was watching in a bar with a few other random people. A bunch of Canadian basketball fans were made very sad.


Next to become very sad: a bunch of Canadian hockey fans.

People in Calgary definitely won't be sad if Edmonton loses, though.

About ten years ago, having a sun workstation was much cooler than having a TV. Now, one can just get a laptop for cheap.

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