Apparently Togo's players may forfeit their match against Switzerland because they haven't been paid.

Does anyone know what the official result of a World Cup forfeit is? In other contexts, I've seen scores of 1-0 and 3-0 used. South Korea has already played Togo, so if a Togo forfeit were scored as 1-0 this would be great for Korea, since the second tiebreaker in group play is total goals scored. (South Korea beat Togo 2-1 earlier.) A 3-0 score would be terrible for South Korea.

The fairest thing to do would be to disqualify Togo and cancel the result of the South Korea-Togo match. Unfortunately, I'm not sure FIFA officials are bright enough to realize this.


I would think that they would want to play regardless. A good match could mean a pro career in a leauge that actually pays it's players.

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