Another reason why I hate television 

Towards the end of the Detroit Pistons' Game 7 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, ABC showed a montage of heartbreaking moments in Cleveland sports -- The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, and the two World Series losses.

Having watched Aaron Boone's home run innumerable times over the last 3 years, I would like to tell these sports programming directors to go copulate with themselves.

EDIT: Forgot one for Cleveland -- watching the Browns leave town, move to Baltimore, and win a Super Bowl in 2000 with a criminal as their MVP.


Sox have won a World Series since then. Stop your whining.

Hey bozo, the point was to sympathize with Cleveland fans, who undoubtedly have had it far worse than any other fans in the universe.

Unless they also root for Ohio State. Then screw 'em.

For a long time, people from Columbus were envious of Cleveland despite their losing records. Cleveland has major league pro sports teams. Until Columbus got a pro hockey team, it only had minor league and college sports. IMHO, it was better without any major league pro teams. Certainly the Columbus public library system is to be envied.

College sports are affordable to college students, so it was appropriate for the town (if one is into sports). Even the minor league sports had a better atmosphere than at some of the major league events. For example, the Columbus Chill minor league hockey team typically sold out or nearly sold out every game. It wasn't because they were a fantastic team. It was a $5-7 ticket and some nights beers were $1, thus it was really just being a part of a roudy crowd. I can't say that the clippers (baseball) were the most fun to watch, but I'm not at all into baseball. Heck, even the soccer team had turnouts sometimes behind only LA.

Did the Columbus Crew ever win a title? I remember they had Brad Friedel and Brian McBride on their team at one point. That's some star power (by MLS standards, at least).

I don't know. I know that they got into the semi-finals a couple of times, but I didn't follow it very much after the first couple of years. The only crew game I went to in the new stadium was a play-off game which they lost. It was a very good game though. Originally, they also had Carlos Valderama (spelling?) from South America. He was quite good and had a huge hairdoo. Overall, attendence seemed to be pretty stable at around 20k people, which is good for MLS.

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