John Hancock ads 

I'm sure everyone by now has seen those John Hancock ads that try to pitch investment and insurance products to families. "The Smith family gained 2 percent during midday trading", "the Peterson family ended the day on a positive note", etc. (I don't remember what the exact quotes in the ad are, and I can't find a transcript.)

Naturally, I can't resist twisting them around. "Analysts downgraded the Clark family from 'hold' to 'sell' after Tim Clark got rejected by Harvard and Stanford." "Today saw a frenzy of trading activity after the Thomas family announced it would be dissolving." And so forth.


Happy Birthday

Or even just "the Smith family lost most of their childs education fund on derivatives trading today."

Odd that you should choose "Tim Clark" as I have a friend (and former roomate) by the same name.

odd that you should choose "John Hancock" as I know a Founding Father by the same name.

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