Crowd control 

Well, about 2,000 dumbass Florida State fans gave the other 8,000 a bad name when they stormed the court with 1.7 seconds remaining in FSU's 77-74 win over Duke. I only saw one replay of the incident on ESPN; it looked like one yahoo hurdled the scorer's table and ran out onto the court early, after which the other 1,999 fans spilled out. The clock operator was sneaky and tried to run off the rest of the clock while the crowd was on the court, but the refs put the time back on, gave Duke a couple technical free throws and concluded the game.

Ironically, a similar incident occurred during a FSU football game at Virginia in 1995. FSU came into the game ranked #2 and had yet to be beaten in ACC play (29-0). FSU was down five and mounting a last-second drive when Virginia fans stormed the field one down early. The fans got chased off, and then stormed the field again when Virginia stuffed FSU one yard short of a winning touchdown.

Unfortunately, most basketball courts are too small for the home team to bring in barriers the way they do at soccer matches in Europe. I think what FSU should have done was to have a ringer storm the court early, then have a bunch of sherrifs surround him and pretend to Taser him. That would have kept everyone in their seats.

As for the actual game, FSU pounded Duke inside relentlessly and reaped the benefits of the DVD they sent to the ACC commish's office. I can just imagine what UConn will do if they get Duke in the national championship game (although I certainly don't feel good about having to root for a team that needed to reinstate a laptop thief in order to stay on top). Also, I'm getting a little bit scared that Coach K will soon realize that his best lineup has Sean Dockery at the point, DeMarcus Nelson at off-guard, and Greg "turnover machine" "destined to be the next Steve Wojciechowski" Paulus parked on the bench.


- I'd be surprised if Duke even makes the Final Four. The really good recent Duke teams (2004, 2002, 2001, 1999) all blew out teams on a regular basis. This year almost every opponent is in the game until near the end.

- UConn is the dominant team and should be the heavy favorite to win the title. The laptop fiasco is nauseating. Any normal student would be expelled for that. Nice work by Calhoun to keep him on.

- Remember what you said about Paulus in two years, when he's a third team All-America. Despite his turnovers, his court vision is way better than Wojo's ever was. Once he starts training with the guys who got Redick in shape, you'll see improvements. Jason Williams had turnover problems as a freshman too.

- Worst reverse jinx attempt EVAR.

- Two of the victims were UConn women's basketball players. I wonder how they act when they see Marcus Williams walking around campus.

- Right now, Paulus is most definitely the weak link on the team. Not just turnovers, but a weak outside shot and atrocious D. Just doesn't make up for the one or two sweet assists he gets per game.

As for his future prospects, and comparisons to other players: Bobby Hurley was a third-team All-America as a junior. Greg Paulus is most definitely no Bobby Hurley.

It's unfair to judge Hurley on his abbreviated pro career. Anyway, I didn't say anything about his pro prospects. Paulus stated that he aspires to become a basketball coach, not an NBA star. If he wanted to be a pro athlete, he'd be playing football at Notre Dame.

Paulus may be the weak link on the team now, but he will be very good in a year or two, once he adapts to the size and speed of the college game.

And if you're gonna knock on his defense by comparing him to Wojo, remember who was named the 1998 National Defensive Player of the Year.

I wasn't talking about Hurley's pro career, I was talking about his career at Duke. The last couple years are very familiar to me, as they were the years of Michigan's Fab Five. The guy was a cold-blooded killer.

And come on, Wojo was an awful choice for defensive POY. As for Paulus wanting to be a coach...Krzyzewski will retire sometime in the next decade, Dawkins, Wojo and Chris Collins will slide up or leave, and Paulus will certainly fulfill his destiny.

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