Egregious miscarriagement of taxitude 

I hate California.

Califonia taxes income really progressively -- 1% up to $6,320, then 2% up to $14,980, then 4% up to $23,640, then 6% up to $32,820, then 8% up to $41,480, then 9.3% thereafter. By contrast, Taxachusetts collects a flat 5.3% tax. But that's not what really annoys me. (At least it doesn't annoy me now -- it will next year, once I earn an entire calendar year of income here.)

What really annoys me is that they discount your deductions by multiplying by the fraction of the year's income you earned as a CA resident, but then turn around and tax you at the rate you'd pay if your entire year's income was earned as a CA resident. Bastards. (Massachusetts discounts your deductions by multiplying by the fraction of time spent as a resident of the state, but doesn't try to shove you into a higher tax bracket, because it has a flat tax rate.)

Fortunately, my Massachusetts income from last year was fairly low. I graduated in Fall 2004, so I received TA income in spring 2005 but no grad student stipend. But the moral of the story is to move into or out of California only at the beginning or end of the calendar year.


I hate California.

Well, we're not too fond of you, either!

Using the royal form of "we" is appropriate if one is a king or queen, or if one is writing in a scholarly publication. It sounds rather silly otherwise.

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