Spawn of Satan 

I like Dick Vitale. I mean, he's clearly taking cocaine intravenously, and I can't listen to him for an entire game without suffering gastrointestinal problems, but he's a nice guy. His honest passion for the game is certainly preferable to Billy Packer's smarminess, grumpiness, stubbornness and general douchebaggery.

However, I just realized that Dickie V is a fan of the d00k Blue Devils, Notre Dame, and the Yankees. Granted, he has legitimate reasons for being a fan of the last two (he's Catholic and his daughters went to Notre Dame, and he grew up in New Jersey). But yeesh, that's pretty disgusting.

This realization bring back to mind an email from Sports Guy's mailbag: "Let me get this straight. Jack Nicholson is a Laker fan AND a Yankee fan? Can we just paint a mustache on him and call him Hitler?"


He has a legitimate reason for being a Duke fan. Duke kicks ass! Everybody should love Duke!

And how about a little gratitude to the Blue Devil program for your Wolverines hoops team actually having a decent season? Ok, it took a while, but you can't blame Tommy for all the injuries last year.

I haven't been able to watch Michigan basketball much since I left the state. I have noticed that under Tommy Amaker, Michigan moves without the ball on offense (good), springs the occasional 1-3-1 defense (meh), and flops like a stack of soggy pancakes (doesn't seem to work quite as well when the jersey doesn't say "Duke" though).

On the last item, I really should save most of my venom for the referees, who are too stupid/too much in awe of Duke's defensive reputation to make the correct (non)-calls.

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