New Year's Resolutions 

1. To stop using the phrases "X, and by X I mean Y", "if by X you mean Y" and other phrases. It's only funny if you're talking about a district judge who has it in for you ever since you kind of ran over his dog.

2. To use the phrase "I, for one, welcome our new ____ overlords" more often.


In the world of computer nerds, the overlords of the second phrase are usually from Google. I don't know about the world of math nerds.

And to think that that guy from Citadel (hedge fund in Chicago) dismissed my advice about partaking in Google's IPO.

He was interviewing me in August 2004, and I think he asked me what I would do if I were given $1 million to invest and had to maximize my chances of doubling it in a year. Off the top of my head I said I'd sink it all in Google, 'cause I can't think of any existing product that had much chance of doubling in value in a year. He said he was skeptical because Google stock wasn't a known quantity (I don't know if he really believed what he said though). Right now, the only other thing I can think of are options.

Of course, GOOG rose from $85 to almost $300 during that one-year period.

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