Kickin' it 

Having decided that it's impossible for me to maintain a state of controlled caffeine use, I'm attempting to give up the substance, at least for this quarter. We'll see how it goes. (This quarter and last, I had to get up at 6:30 am in order to get ready for a 8 am class. I was never able to use the stuff in a manner that would keep me awake during the day and avoid disturbing my rest at night.)


Obvious solution. Use caffeine to keep yourself awake during the day, then take some Ambien to sleep at night. There's no problem that more drugs can't solve.

Ambien sells for $2-3 a pop. I probably could do better with a bottle of whiskey.

Plus, the patent on the drug is held by Sanofi-Avnetis. And we all know how I feel about the French.

1. For me, excess coffie leads to dehydration, which makes me feel tired. Drinking more than two cups a day is excessive for me.

2. I don't drink any coffie within four hours of my bedtime as I want to ensure that the caffeine is not in my bloodstream for sleeping.

3. One builds up a tolerance to caffeine. I find I have similar concentration depending on if I have a constant cup of coffie in the morning and if I don't. It is addicting though, so if I don't, then on the first day I will have a headache in the late afternoon.

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