On-the-field IQ 

You can call it cognitive quickness, awareness, or whatever. Some players have it, and some don't.

Sadly, Michigan tight end Tyler Ecker doesn't have it. When we last left our tragic hero, he had been tackled two yards inbounds on a Michigan last-ditch drive against Ohio State; the clock subsequently ran out.

This time, Michigan stood 63 yards away from a game-winning score against Nebraska in the Alamo Bowl with :02 left, having been wanged out of two timeouts, at least 10 seconds, and a possible earlier touchdown by a set of Sun Belt referees who probably had money on the game. (They also somehow decided that Chad Henne fumbled a ball forward 15 yards on a tight spiral.)

Michigan quarterback Chad Henne threw a 13-yard hook pass to Jason Avant, who lateraled the ball back to a teammate.

After an amazing show of rugby tactics and techniques (eight lateral passes in all, including a period of three seconds when the ball was actually on the ground), Tyler Ecker ended up with the ball on the Michigan sideline, running straight for the endzone. Unfortunately, he was hemmed in by two Nebraska defenders. He attempted to squeeze by them/run over them and failed. Apparently he was oblivious to the fact that Steve Breaston was running five yards behind him and would have had a clear path to the endzone. Well, except for 80 other Nebraska players, coaches and student trainers. (At least one Michigan player from the sideline also wandered onto the field, meaning the best call would have been to rule illegal participation on both teams, and replay the down.)

What was most disappointing was that the officials never bothered to stick around and attempt to clarify the situation -- they just ran into the locker room as if they couldn't wait to get dressed and go home. Thoroughly unprofessional job by the officials.

Props to Mike Tirico and Kirk Herbstreit for calling the officiating as it was.


Football? What? Oh, that's right. I forgot about all the minor bowl games before New Year's Day. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Buckeyes Rule!

Yeah, the Notre Dame-Ohio State Fiesta Bowl should be a great game. One of those classic, hard-fought battles where it's too bad one team has to win.

I believe you mean, "it's too bad Ohio State has to win." Zing!

I believe you mean, "it's too bad Ohio State has to win." Zing!

Lame comment, submitted ex post facto. Zero eProps for you.

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