Review: U2 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, 11/2/05 

Meh. Not as exciting as the first night.

I was having dinner with some friends in Westwood and had to take the bus to the Staples Center again. Except this night, there was some lame-o Communist rally masquerading as an antiwar protest. (No, really. Somehow there was an original estimate of 5,000 protesters, but I'd be surprised if the actual turnout was much more than 1,000. They were waving around Bushitler signs, wearing Che Guevara t-shirts, etc.

Still, the planned protest caused the LAPD to block off a bunch of streets and reroute traffic. I finished dinner at about 6:45 but couldn't board a bus until about 7:20 or so. After getting off in downtown LA, and jogging 12 blocks to the Staples Center, I got into my seat at 8:55, a minute before U2 took the stage. I swear, if those stupid Communists had caused me to miss a second of the concert, I would have been forced to drop a daisy-cutter bomb on them the next time they congregated.

Bono didn't pull anybody up on stage, except for one chick during With Or Without You who he sent back to the floor a third of the way through the song.

Bono let the audience sing most of the first verse of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Sweet.

The encore started off with acoustic versions of Walk On and Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. I don't understand why U2 dropped the full version of Walk On -- it was an excellent closer for the Elevation tour. The Gillette Stadium PA guy closed out the Patriots' 2003 playoff win over the Colts with Walk On as well.

The Edge snapped a couple strings on Wild Horses and continued playing, seemingly oblivious to the broken strings and the fact that his guitar tech was creeping up behind him with a spare guitar. Of course, this all happened during the bridge verse that goes "don't turn around, don't turn around again, don't turn around, your gypsy heart".

U2 closed the show out with Bad, and Bono hit the high notes in the chorus ("I'm wiiiiiiide awake"), something that he can't always do.



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