Peanut allergies on the rise? 

Some peanut-allergic girl in Quebec died after kissing her boyfriend, who had traces of peanut butter in his mouth at the time.

(Hobo Scott, if you expect me to laugh at this turn of misfortune, you must have me mistaken for some cynical, insensitive clod.)

Does anybody know if severe peanut allergies really are on the rise in North America, and if so, why? The article says they are. I don't ever remember being warned about the severe and potentially lethal effects of peanuts on children when I was in elementary school, and my school was/is one of the more sensitive ones on the continent. But anecdotal evidence doesn't generalize very well.


Mach Five only finds death amusing when it happens to Powerball winners.

That's not true.

I also find it amusing when people die as a result of their own stupidity.

Peanuts rule!

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