Sports Guy returns to LA 

Got my copy of the book signed this evening. I was going to accost Simmons about his list of top colleges in New England area -- he managed to include Northeastern, Tufts and Wesleyan. You know, schools that are just as good as Ivy League schools because they charge comparable tuition. For some reaon, he left out MIT. I thought better of bugging him about it, though, because (1) he looked exhausted, (2) the line was getting long, and (3) I'd probably end up in one of his columns.

He's actually pretty mild-mannered and soft-spoken in person, but probably not shy. He's also signing at Sonny McLean's in Santa Monica tomorrow -- I might wander over, just to see what he's like when he's been drinking.


Isn't reason #3 a good thing?

Jeff Dorman would disagree.

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