MLB blows it again 

The lousy umpiring is really leaving a stain on this year's baseball playoffs.

This time, Jermaine Dye was awarded first base on a HBP ruling, despite the fact that the pitch in question nicked off the handle of his bat and never touched his person, as replays showed conclusively. Dye never acted as if he were hit, and catcher Brad Ausmus attempted to persuade home plate umpire Jeff Nelson to check with another of the umpires, at least one of whom would surely have seen that the pitch never hit Dye. Nelson never allowed any of the other umpires to overrule him, and the next batter, Paul Konerko, hit a pivotal grand slam.

And please, let's stop lavishing praise on the White Sox for "making the most of their opportunities". They've played well enough on their own -- no need to laud them for making the most of opportunities that they don't deserve but are being given to them by the umpires.


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