Dropping the bomb 

Theo Epstein has decided to leave the Boston Red Sox, one day after several outlets broke the news that he had accepted a three-year contract extension.

According to this article in the Boston Herald, Epstein was upset by an article in Sunday's Boston Globe that aired some of the dirty laundry between himself and Larry Lucchino, one of the managing partners of the Sox. Shaughnessy sounded like he was chiding Epstein for not being sufficiently deferential towards his mentor. Of course, for all I know, the Herald could just be taking a potshot at the Globe here, whose parent company, the New York Times, also owns part of the Sox. The author basically accused Dan Shaughnessy of being a management shill.

And people wonder why Boston hadn't won the World Series in 86 years. There's no curse, just a hell of a lot of talented people leaving or being pushed out, hard feelings and acrimony.

Contrast this with Tedy Bruschi's return to the Patriots, eight months after suffering a stroke. ESPN's Suzy Kolber asked Patriots owner Robert Kraft why he didn't force Bruschi to sign a waiver of liability. Kraft explained that Bruschi sought the medical opinion of several doctors, all of whom cleared him to play. That was enough to satisfy him. Kraft ended with this quip: "I like lawyers, but you can't let them run your life."


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