Working in LA sucks 

This weekend, I will be forced to miss:

Tina and Rob's wedding.

A chance to hang out with Bill Simmons while the cataclysmic Red Sox/Yankees series rages on.

A chance to party with John Buccigross at Monday's U2 show in the FleetCenter.

I would kill for the opportunity to be in Boston this weekend.


Sorry to disagree, but I have to say that work sucks no matter where you are.

Nice blog. Keep up the good work.

Technically, you are not forced to miss the U2 show until after the weekend is over.

I'm like Humpty Dumpty. Words can mean whatever I want, whenever I want.

Then you are likewise headed for a great fall.

This simple syllogism shows that Ken agrees, not disagrees, with you.

Work sucks no matter where you are.
LA is a place to be.
Working in LA sucks.


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